100th Post a Top Ten Tribute to Fugly Faps

Written By Celebrity Hot on Tuesday, January 5, 2010 | 8:11 AM

On August 8th, 2009 Hot Shtuf was born.  That was 100 posts ago, and still going strong. To look back at the past 100 posts, I have decided to do a top tribute to some of the most un-fapable, but most searched celebs on the internet.
#10 Kate Gosselin
Post # 5 of August 10th, 2009.  Kate Gosselin was all over the media, and getting cum stains all over her face on internet pics.  Most men hate her, and I cannnot say I am either, but I would so bang her. http://www.hotshtuf.com/2009/08/kate-gosselin.htmlhttp://www.hotshtuf.com/2009/11/kate-gosselin-2-fake-nudes.html
#9 Michelle Obama
August 20th, 2009
There is something about faping to the first lady that can seem somehow taboo.http://www.hotshtuf.com/2009/08/michelle-obama.html
#8 Kathy Griffin
August 24th, 2009
I never thought I would fap to Kathy Griffin, but I found these pics and suddenly there I was.http://www.hotshtuf.com/2009/08/kathy-griffin.html
#7 Patricia Richardson
December 10th, 2009
1990's TV mom Patricia Richarson was always a teenage wet dream for me.http://www.hotshtuf.com/2009/12/patricia-richardson.html
#6 Maggie Gyllenhaal
December 1st, 2009
There is something very fugly, yet very fap happy about Maggie Gyllenhaalhttp://www.hotshtuf.com/2009/12/maggie-gyllenhaal.html
#5 Roseanne
September 28, 2009
Yes we dared to fap tp Roseanne Barr.http://www.hotshtuf.com/2009/09/roseanne.html
#4 Oprah
September 26, 2009
Even Oprah could not go un-fapedhttp://www.hotshtuf.com/2009/09/oprah.html
#3 Nancy Grace
October 29, 2009
We know you hate her, but would you not just want to stick your dick in her big fat loud mouth?http://www.hotshtuf.com/2009/10/nancy-grace.html
#2 Hillary Clinton
October 28, 2009
Again, something about faping to the presidents wife.http://www.hotshtuf.com/2009/10/hillary-clinton.html
#1 Amy Winehouse
Bleeeeck! Nuff Said.http://www.hotshtuf.com/2009/09/amy-winehouse.html

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