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The Super Special 300th Post!

Written By Celebrity Hot on Wednesday, October 26, 2011 | 10:11 AM


 In the summer of 2009, I came up with the idea for Hot Shtuf. I wanted an adult blog that focused more on the pics and less on the blah blah blah of the blahger. I also wanted to focus on some of the more rare and hard to find pics, rather then make another website spewing the same old shit that every other site has.

Just about every post has a 20 pic minimum, as apposed to most sites that do 10 or less. I'm not saying I don't have alot of popular stuff you can find anywhere, but it's the rare stuff that get the most hits. From Kat Von D, to Snooki, and even Oprah and Hillary Clinton. Not to mention the unusual need for people to see Nancy Grace nude. I have posted even on the most mundane women of the world.  

  This marks a monumetious day when I bring you the 300th post. Most blogs won't survive the first 25 posts before the blogger gets bored, we made it this far, let's go for another 300. If you actually read this instead of just looking at the nakedness, then thanks.

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